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Hello and welcome to in this post of the episode we are going to be talking about Mahon Jason starring silver arga and the film is a dull drama about the exploitation of women. As always, this review may have spoilers. So do watch at your own discretion. Now there are three narratives buried in the convoluted screenplay of this movie. 1 is from the Shankar playbook, where a wronged man turns into a vigilante killer and kills those who wrong them pioneers of a very exotic method .

if it was vermicelli in Indian and tactics from the guerrilla in onion, here the modes of killing are taken from Bima in the Mahabharata adds a communal angle to this tragedy in a scene where an. The talks to and seeks comfort from a blazing fire.

He points out that the man belongs to the same community that was enraged by the depiction of the ugly condom in Jabin felberg and whose character is named rasu, plays the vigilante killer. This is not a spoiler because we see him in this mood in the film’s very first scene.

His last name is muted in the movie, but the trailer told US that it was the second narrative in Bakara is a broader version of the first narrative here instead of one wronged man. We have many wronged people whose daughters end up in sex work. This is the plot driving factor in this narrative if the earlier narrative was a simpler story about a single girl who was traumatized, this narrative is about a larger conspiracy.

It is not clear whether the victims belong to the same community, as I mentioned above, but based on the filmmakers earlier work. I think it’s possible to guess the identities of the young men who lure these young women into sex work, though I can’t say for sure. This narrative involves nitrogen Superman and as a successful YouTuber named Arun, who uploads true crown videos, the character is also something of a detective, though the clues in this field play are easy enough to follow by anyone who has ever seen a tumbler movie for all the sensationalism here there is no tension.

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The two narratives blend together uneasily and very predictably and very broadly to a man who heads a meeting about violence against women is shown to be a womanizer. Yeah big surprise there. There are a few interesting points to be sure, for example. If people refuse to report sex crimes.

Fearing for their family honor, then how do we bring the culprits to justice? This is the problem that our own faces and the solution comes from the other narrative. That the only way to expose them is to kill them or maybe like Adam does, we can reveal their misdeeds through video recording. The film says that smartphones are evil and lead to women being LED astray by evil men

But it also shows how a smartphones video camera can be used to bring down the biggest of villains. So is the smartphone good or is it bad, the answer is not that simple. Everything that can be used for good purposes can also be used for bad things. So why willingness the poor smartphone, which is just a tool.

The best character in Bakara is the progressive grandfather, played by K. Rajan. This man knows that a girl cannot be held responsible if she is duped by bad people and he even encourages his granddaughter when she brings home a boyfriend and yet there is the subjects that had this girl not had a boyfriend had. She just been a good girl and concentrated on studies.

None of these things that happened to her would have happened. There is also the subjects that people living in cities live like westerners and that women are safest in their own homes and even there their safety is suspect because of. Smartphones, in other words, decoding the messaging is more interesting than anything else in this random you written an unimaginatively directed movie

where a misca silver, our governor is thrown into big action scenes. See Sani Kyle them again and recall how wonderfully this actor’s unique persona can be used and now we come to the third narrative, which is the subjects in these films which are made by directors who are vocal about cast. The protagonist is shown as a man who lives on arms from a Shiva temple. He sings songs about this guard from devotional ethics like patina and none that are.

Which was about a dull saint is the man really a devotee or is this justice disguise after all he is used to playing parts being a folk theatre artist in his village, like many other movies of this nature. The real interest in Bakara may be in what is being said or what is being left unsaid. I don’t know the answers, but sociologists and political minds may have a more interesting time with Bakar. Than lay audiences like US.

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