CWG 2022: Bajrang Punia Wins Gold in Men's Wrestling Freestyle 65Kg

CWG 2022: Bajrang Punia Wins Gold in Men’s Wrestling Freestyle 65Kg

CWG 2022: Bajrang Punia Wins Gold in Men’s Wrestling Freestyle 65Kg

wrestling for India in the Commonwealth Games because there would be plenty of medals at stake and India won another gold medal thanks to Bajrang Punia. Who ended up beating Canada’s Lachlan McNeil in the men’s 65 kilograms final resting final? It was if I have to put it politely, a pretty easy win for the butcher, and again before he reached the final budgeting had not dropped a single point in any of the matches.

that he had reserved even here at one point it seemed likely that he would be winning this match easily without actually dropping a point. But luckily did end up making a couple of points of him later on in the bout, however. It didn’t do anything to hamper buzzer and momentum.

And again It is worth noting that budget at no point looked anything but at ease with the way he was going about with things he was looking very, very comfortable in the ring more often than not, you know there were a few times when Lachlan McNeil tried to do a double takedown on him and more often than not budgeting had him scouted. So it was pretty easy for him you can say and butcher someone again. He’s a proven competitor. He may have had some struggles with you know niggling injuries in recent times. But the kind of experience that he has, the kind of web at all and all that he has would be far too much for the kind of field that he was put in in this particular event, which is the course you know the Commonwealth Games. Commonwealth Games we know for the fact the level of competitors might not be as high as it would be in the United States, for instance, and Asian Games or the Olympics.

So it is worth noting that you should also. The simple fact of a matter is gold, so well done to Bajrang Punia. He ended up getting a very nice gold medal. It was a pretty good match, a pretty easy final match for him. No real struggle in terms of the way he went about with things. It wasn’t much of an effort for him to get where he was because again. As I said. He didn’t look at one point even though he was bothered by the kind of challenge that luck and Lachlan McNeil presenting to him was a pretty easy win for budgeting.

But that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that he dct wins a medal. Congratulations to him also worth noting that you know ended up settling for a silver medal. So this is this medal which budgeting one is not India’s first medal that they wanted wrestling is India second because of course they did win the silver medal previously as one of the settled for the silver medal the so second medal, which was wrong is getting interesting, but the first gold medal in the Commonwealth Game Massiveive deal.

But the way the resting schedule is that you know it’s pretty back-to-backpack matches.

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