Delhi Court Summons Filmmaker Leena Manimekalai

Delhi Court Summons Filmmaker Leena Manimekalai On August 6 Over ‘Smoking Kaali’ Row

Delhi Court Summons Filmmaker Leena Manimekalai On August 6 Over ‘Smoking Kaali’ Row


That is the big news that’s coming in Filmmaker Leena Manimekalai Michael I remember has been facing complaints. Over the past few days, people who have said and are claiming that this poster of one of her documentary films offended their religious sentiments where God is calling is seen smoking a cigarette.

Also a pride flag in her hand. But most people who have objected to the poster have said what was the need to show Hindu goddess kali smoking a cigarette and would you take that creative license and liberty with any other religious figure,

now this has become a massive debate across India, but while the Bjp has also spoken up. TMC MP also spoke up remembering my one more try, but there have been. Mainly the anger against the filmmaker who’s also still defined and who’s even saying that while I say I’m facing threats,

kaali posters controversy

I will stay brave and I will not let India change the manner in which it is changing. I will continue to speak for as long as she can. So she’s defined remember the article museum where the film was set to be screened also gave out a statement that the regret of how sentiments have been offended,

but for now it appears the matter has now been taken to the court. The Delhi court thesis records have been sent to someone to the filmmaker she needs to be present as it appears on the 6th of August. This is after complaints and FIR were filed in different states across

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Remember, it’s already been a few weeks that this controversy has become not only about creative license and liberty but a political showdown. But also in the backdrop of blasphemy issues. The beheading of the threads that took place in Udaipur over the profit remarks. Many are making that comparison.

What would you take that liberty with the other religion? And that only is taken within the religion because it does not lead to any serious consequences. Let’s go across to a legal correspondent.

So there might be some leniency that the court might give her in case she makes such a representation. But do not respond to the court at all and let this for this to go.

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