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doctor strange in the multiverse of madness Cast

Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange / Stephen Strange/Defender Strange / Stephen Strange/Supreme Strange / Stephen Strange/Sinister Strange
Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff
Chiwetel Ejiofor as Karl Mordo/Baron Mordo
Benedict Wong as Master Wong
Xochitl Gomez as America Chavez
Rachel McAdams as Doctor Christine Palmer / Christine Palmer
Michael Stuhlbarg as Doctor Nicodemus West
Sheila Atim as Sara
Adam Hugill as Rintrah
Ako Mitchell as Charlie

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doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness spoiler talk. This isn’t a play-by-play. I’m not going to talk about every little scene in the movie, just some things that stood out to me, things I couldn’t talk about in my spoiler-free review. What is right in doctor strange in the multiverse of madness. It starts out there’s doctor strange.

It looks different than doctor Strange, but it’s Dr strange, so you’re like, oh, alternate universe, doctor strange, he’s running with this girl. Job, I’ll always think of that, and I always make that joke.

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I thought someone in the comments section of my spoiler-free review for Dr strange in the multiverse of madness. I apologize for this person. I’m going to paraphrase what you said.

This is something on the lines of this movie was shit and you have lost your touch, Jeremy, I was just like. Talking about that team America reference was awesome. So anyhow, that strange dies, which right there you’re like, oh.

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So that’s where zombie strange comes from. But he dies and then she rips through the universe in a star pattern. Of course, I told you this and cheese in the script. This is the moment I’m going to find out one of two things, either.

That’s how it looked in the comic book. Or she doesn’t even have that power in the comic books. And it’s just completely made of a kind of like how kitty pride could send people back in time days of future past, where did that power come from.

Anyhow, she comes over to our world, or at the very least, the avengers’ world. Massachusetts actually ours. There are no avengers in our world, and before I get to the rest of it, it was actually a really cool scene is the only time I’ve seen this address, and I thought it was awesome, and I’m kind of sad, but I feel like it’s the last time we’ll ever see an address, and that’s when strangers.

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I’m gonna call her Rachel mcadams he’s that Rachel mcadams character’s wedding and Mr. Sackler sits down next to him is pretty much like, yeah. I was dust, too, and I lost my cats and I lost my brother.

Tell me, was there any other way and strange looks kind of awkward, and he’s like, no, it’s the only play we had. Which I think is great. This is really compelling thing for me because you could tell strangest like no one out there will ever understand that I saw millions of other realities, and that was the only one where we won is the
burden of knowledge compared to the short sight, I would call a short sighted notice,

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but really, it’s just human nature who wouldn’t be pissed at him. It’s easy to hear. Yeah, it was like, yeah, but I lost people, I never got to say goodbye to them because I was dust. It was a really cool moment again. I feel like it’s just never gonna go anywhere, and I’d like to see that go somewhere also.

I’m like, how did they know that he gave the stone at that nose, it’s Tony Stark blab. I could say that happening, Tony Stark gets back and goes on Twitter. I like, yeah, we have Thanos in the fight and.

The magician gave the green rock to the grape of a raft where you find out these monsters that are coming after this America Chavez girl, it’s all part of witchcraft, and so strange is like. Hey, I know someone who could help out with that turns out to help out ain’t the word. The very short reveal where she’s like.

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Oh, by the way, yeah, this wonderful utopia of sheep, and apple trees all turns to death. She’s like, I have my curse book of evil that was like Harvard tones in an evil book. SAM Raymond has entered the M C U, my friends, you know, the funny thing is when America, Chavez and strange go to that one universe, you know. And everything looks super feature risk.

It almost gets hit by a car, because in this alternate universe, red means go. Green means stop, and I. You took that from sliders believe that was the pilot episode of sliders, and then Dr strange is like wanda’s out there doing really messed up shit.

Maybe I’ll have Bruce Campbell punch himself for two weeks. I mean, of course, it was going to be a Bruce Campbell cameo, great to see it because America fuck, I just jacked a pizza ball and didn’t pay for it instead of taking this guy off the ledge as a laden did, he was like, I’ll just have you punch yourself for two weeks.

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And the guy was just pissed off that someone robbed him. You know, a thing that did disappoint me in this movie. Which I was gonna address in my spoiler-free review, but I was like, well.

If I talk about how mortal didn’t do much and I was disappointed, not then that implies mortals not really a villain process of elimination could whittle people down to like. Oh, hey, maybe one does the villain, I mean, more than that bullshit TV spot did what the hell. What the hell, why did they do that,

I was disappointed with a mortal in this movie for a couple of reasons one, because, yeah, he didn’t do much, I was pumped to see more to go back and left off. At the end of Dr strange, the first one was a post-credit scene where he’s like, oh, I’m going to kill wizards now.

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Apparently, Dr strange says. Oh, mortal did that he vowed to destroy me. I’m like, well, how do you know that, is there? Is there a doctor? Strange 1.5 like a movie that takes place in between these two movies. Where you just kind of faced that the point is, this mortal isn’t that mortal.

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This is a mortal from another universe. So this model really has no build up everything that happened in the first draft. Unlinked to this guy, and there’s the aluminum we’re starting to get into realms where this is where the movie disappointed people from the chatter i’ve seen in the comments section.

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It’s the aluminide was wasted and Wanda for a couple of reasons. I wanted to talk about it in a sec, but the Illuminati. I won’t why I don’t know much about them in the comic books. Don’t know much about the illuminati other than the general concept like in life, the theory, or is it a theory, and what I saw in angels and demons.

And that’s a court of Alice counts as the illuminati, so I’ll throw that in there like Gotham aluminide accounts, and they should totally do that in the batman too. That would be pretty awesome, but as for the Illuminati, I was like, kill him, kill him. Kill her, kill her. Oh, read, Richard, I mean, that was cool, though you can’t escape the internet and as much as I try to minimize internet spoilers,

Sir Patrick Stewart’s voice 1000 percent, we should tell him the truth, fuck you. Look at all the things I like saying in his voice. I will you’re ready for command, so comes out, but man. He comes out in the wheelchair, you know. Like the floating yellow wheelchair, the Danny Elfman score starts going downown and down and down, and I was like. All right movie. You’re making it very hard to stay objective because that shit is working, I feel like that’s the Disney overlords feel like that’s their move. It’s like, oh, we want to know betrayal or put that music in there.

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That’ll just hit him right in the fields, give me that dull of the face, give me that battle of the heroes. People always ask, like, why do I look over that? That’s my, that’s my fake person. There’s no one there, but again with that TV spot. Fuck you TV spot, what are you doing to scarlet. Which dream walks into this universe and just tears everyone to shit what that the dream walking, what that is is, she meditates. And then her consciousness goes into the body of Wanda maximum off in that other universe, and now she can control that body and basically how she can get around universes without physically going into that universe and man, man, she fucks. Dude, I don’t even care like I loved it. I was like, finally, there’s a luminary that everyone really cares a lot about it.

I’m sorry for you, folks who do. But they’re all gonna die, and I’m pretty happy because I just want to see blood carnage. Though read, Richards was a dumb ass at that moment, telling you some sloppy script shit in this movie read Richards is, like, all right, Wanda, we get it. You’re in pain, I have kids. I understand tuning fork headman over here can wipe you out with 1 noise from his mouth, just in case you were wondering how to take him down or stop that from happening, and she’s like what mouth, and then it zooms out. I’m like, holy shit, dude, she just did the matrix. She did. The neo man mouth is gone, you know.


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I was like. Well, that was pretty cool. Everyone 8 shit man like she took the captain America captain Carter shield and through it through captain Carter and slicer and half rate, Richards is kind of got unwoven like spaghetti kind of reminded me of what F anos could do to people, which is like. Oh, sorry, Drax, your little sponge squares now, but at least when I was left, he’s like, right. You can Humpty dump to yourself back together again because a nice long does lie. Hey, sorry, Rudy, said, spaghetti, your dad, remember that. I do. Are you picking up the keyboard right now to type? Jeremy grew up with ready, sets of spaghetti with the. I did, though. I did. That’s the thing that you know, some people are pissed about.

Like, well, they just introduced read Richards and kill, but as you know, there’s this is one universe of reading. Richards is another one out there. I mean, they just canonically roll with it like, nope in the fantastic 4 movies. Reed Richards is dead because he died in this movie. I’ll be like you are not utilizing that multiverse concept properly. I just like that. I do see cracks happening in the M C U storytelling when it comes to the multiverse because story was in the show Loki in the series Loki, it was like multiverse can’t happen, but because of the events of loki, because Sylvia killed kang, he wasn’t really kang. He was like he was cool king.

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He was a crazy uncle at the parties can point is it was like, oh. Because of the events of loki, now there’s a multiverse, but the topic mcguire, Andrew Garfield’s spiderman universe is already existed. Also dreams. You know, it’s just like dreams are illustrated in this movie as windows into other universes, so when you dream what you’re seeing in your dream is you and another universe, I think it’s a really cool concept. As well as concepts, I feel like most all of us have all thought about at least once, twice or 2700 times, but unless dreams never existed in the M C U up until the point, I mean, if dreams always existed in the MC U. Then the events of loki are kind of useless, and I get at the event of loki. You know it took place outside of linear time.

It’s not like, oh, it just happened. And now those universes exist because it was outside of time. It just kind of makes it irrelevant if you took the show, Loki out of cannon, just canonically wiped it from existence. Feel like spider-man no way home and Dr strange in the multiverse of madness would still make sense anyhow. That’s obscene, professor x dies, but that was a great horror movie moment. You know, professor x goes into wanda’s mind and he seems like the good Wanda. It was like under rocks and he’s like.

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Oh, Wanda and trying to help you is an evil scarlet weight here, give me your hand, and the scarlet fog comes up on professor X and snaps his neck. I guess I’ll do the deep dive into talking about Wanda as the villain. Now I just I really liked Wanda as the villain because it’s so much better than how it looked like it was going after one division was like, hey, you just. Mind fucked this entire town against their will, and I said my wand division finale video that they had the best set up for an M C U villain, but I said it because I didn’t think they do it, and they did it, and I think that’s awesome.

And that’s one of the reasons I liked her as the villain. I feel like that’s the hell I’m gonna die on. You know, it’s just like, I just I like that she slaughtered a lot of people, sorry that you’re mad about that, but I like that. I’ve also seen the argument that she takes the shine away from Dr strange in his own movie, but Dr strange is still the protagonist. She’s the antagonist.

I mean, to be fair to that point, Fano did the same thing to the avengers in an Avengers movie. The movie was titled avengers infinity war who’s the coolest character. Exactly Fano yeah Fano stood out, Fano stole the show. I love it when villains do that, man, it just doesn’t happen too often. Usually it’s the hero show, and yeah. We have this person who’s causing problems.

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But it’s really the heroes show, and in a world where the argument for Thanos was of we understand Mr. Thanos is coming from, don’t really we don’t we, just we see how he got there, but we still see the flaws in the argument. You know, same with Wanda for me. I see how she got to the point where she’s like. No, I want to go back to the happy place. I want to be with my children, I dream about them. This means they’re out there in other universes, and I’m going to get there.

I mean, yeah, going to do all the wrong things to do, it can definitely be a villain doing it. But there’s definitely a face your mortality story going in there, you know, I mean. If you had a device of McGuffin. A person or otherwise superpower out there that could get you back to those happy days. Wouldn’t you do it, and how far would you go? There’s a fascinating conversation in this movie there.

Just I don’t know, kind of hit me and that tip to you know, it’s. Madness is like gravity, all it takes is a little push that that pushed over the edge. Will that in a cursed book that corrupted her anyhow, I liked Wanda is a villain. I liked how savage she was as a villain. Yeah, she goes out basically just pulling a roof down on her head. She breaks the support beams and this whole temple, just I guess she’s dead. I mean, it’s a world of magic who knows maybe she’s alive, but if we’re talking about a villain who was a good person who then was corrupted by a thing and then became a villain and then busted the supports down, causing a super antagonist structure to come down on top of them. Killing them in the process.

I liked it when it was Dr octopus in spider-man to suppose I like it when it’s Wanda funny because America fuck yeah was like all right, she opens a portal. She’s like I want to hear your kids and she freaks her kids out well. I was not her kids, other wonders kids, but those are the kids she was going to, you know. Mother, I don’t know, kill her other self point is she was gonna be the stand-in mom to these kids, and these kids were like, ah. You’re a witch, and i’ve seen the argument like, why isn’t she just open another portal to another place and then you could just, you know, not look so evil and not freak those kids out, but I don’t think it was that you know it was the fact that her kids looked at her like a monster. Got her to internalize and be like, oh, shit, I am a fucking monster.

I know this because I really don’t monstrous things. You know that because we all saw it, I mean, Wanda rack. Mean care god. I love it. And that’s when she put her magic on the 4 posts. And it’s like I will not die a monster. So I guess America Chavez is going to become a wizard now so she can traverse the multiverse and become a wizard. That’s some pretty busted superpower, which is funny when she was like, oh, I only react to make these portals. I can’t make them happen. I thought Dr strange is gonna take her up to Mount Everest and be like. Trust me, this lesson works, and so. See you later. I mean, that’s what I would have done.

Bunny, I went all this way. I didn’t even talk about zombie strange because like, I mean. Yeah, I guess zombie strangers in it, so he dream walks into that body, and that’s like where the big throwdown happens. As for the post-credit scene, I miss when it was like. Oh, it’s thor’s hammer, and that’s the post criticism. I know what that is, Samuel L Jackson being like. I’m here to talk to you about the Avengers initiative and being like there’s no way they’re going to pull that off, but I do get the reference this one, Shirley starring shows up where this is. I thought I was like. Was she in eternal. Don’t remember and even saying it now.

I can only tell you, I don’t think she was, but I definitely know this. Fuck knows if I know who she is, okay, those books that right, so there’s a super bad book and a super good book, and I guess the super good book will give you anything you need to defeat your enemy.

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It’s like room of requirement in book form. I guess, so I’ve heard, but we never really saw it. It’s like they got this book and it didn’t really do anything. It’s like the whole fetch quest was all for bullshit might be one of the things that’s in the 2 hour 40 minute cut of this movie. Yeah, I guess this movie has a 2-hour 40 minute cut initially that Raymond had, which is funny. It’s like the B B S effect with batman versus superman. My initial thoughts when I saw that theatrical version of the movie, I was like that movie could have been shorter.

They could have cut some things out. But when things aren’t fleshed out, my natural inclination anyway, like. Yeah, they should just cut that out against, but on the other hand, the other option is if you have footage and scenes on the cutting room for. Flushes all that out. Yeah, put that in there, and then you don’t have to cut it out like batman versus superman. The director’s cut was like 3 hours long and much better. So I guess there’s that I don’t even know if we’re going to see that 2 hour 40 minute cut. I’d like to just get a curiosity. I’d like to see it.

I just want to see what it was. I mean, it might be much worse might be like, oh. God, there’s a reason this was cut down to two hours and was a six minutes or something, but in the end, Dr strange in the multiverse of madness is it the smoothest right now

doctor strange in the multiverse of madness

But it’s a movie I enjoyed because the standout villain is a scarlet witch in a world that’s littered with boring shit as M C U villains. Any kind of there’s a villain that stands out, and yes. Is a scene-stealer. Dude, I’ll thank you. So is this a spoiler video? I couldn’t ask you this before as I leave you now. I’ll ask you now, Wanda, as the villain. How does that sit with you? What do you like about it? What do you not like about it. What do you love about it, what do you hate about it, whatever you think comment below, let me know.

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