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Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange / Stephen Strange/Defender Strange / Stephen Strange/Supreme Strange / Stephen Strange/Sinister Strange
Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff
Chiwetel Ejiofor as Karl Mordo/Baron Mordo
Benedict Wong as Master Wong
Xochitl Gomez as America Chavez
Rachel McAdams as Doctor Christine Palmer / Christine Palmer
Michael Stuhlbarg as Doctor Nicodemus West
Sheila Atim as Sara
Adam Hugill as Rintrah
Ako Mitchell as Charlie

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Doctor Strange download Filmyzilla

doctor strange in the multiverse of madness is a new doctor strange movie, In the new MC U movie Dr. Stephen strange runs across a girl named America Chavez.

He’s like, oh, I’m going to help this girl. I’m going to protect her because there are nefarious things after her, and that adventure takes him through the multiverse. Of madness now. I the dynamic between Dr strange and America Chavez, I really liked it. It’s kind of like, you know, he wants to protect her.

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She doesn’t really trust him, put his I don’t know much about America job as I’m posturing. I don’t know anything about it as I’ve said, but I’ve said this before, and I will say it again. We are in the deep cuts of the marvel world, my friends, we’re in the deep cuts of the comic book movie universe.

Doctor Strange download Filmyzilla In Hindi

We are past the iron man and spiderman in the incredible hall can captain America and things I knew more about, I was just sitting back and relaxing and enjoying the M C U as it comes at me at this point is, as I don’t know anything about America Chavez.

I did like the dynamic between her and Dr strain that was a good one. I thought it was done well. Also, her name cracks me out, and it shouldn’t. It’s like every time Dr straight into a bit like America. That song changed the course of history. Don’t let anyone tell you different or my favorite.

I think it was strange, was like, is America, okay, I was like, no, not really no. Oh, you mean the kid, yeah, I’m sure she’s fine. One is I like the dynamic between doctor strange in her. Now, this is samurai me in the MC U, no. He did not do it well, I guess technically he didn’t MC a multiverse movie before it was an MC U multiverse movie.

But for the sake of technically being accurate, this is his first M-C U movie as the M-C U has existed. And he brings a samurai dynamic man like the first 1015 minutes of this movie. There’s an action sequence, and I was like this is depth to remind me of something.

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This is the way it was like Stephen Strange, Dr strange goes in to save the day. That’s a villain to hero dynamic when he gears down and then the action sequence as it was filmed as it looked, just very reminiscent of the action sequence, one of the action sequences in spiderman. Do gotta say I was like, I’m in the word for me, man, called in the style or whatever, but I liked it also.

doctor strange in the multiverse of madness Review

This is a movie, that has horror elements, and we’ve seen him interject horror elements into like horror man too. When doc ock is in them, he becomes Dr octopus and those metal arms, just like in horror movies. Snake is killing everybody, that’s like a horror movie scene in a comic book movie.

The rest of the movie doesn’t feel too horror movie S this movie has a lot of horror movie tones sprinkled throughout, and it weirdly works. It works because you’re going through the multiverse.

Different realms, different realities, and sometimes it doesn’t explain how or why a thing works. Just works, but sometimes that does work for the movie, sometimes like, no, no, you didn’t hide it enough. If I get it, you’re just kind of hoping that everyone’s like, yeah, but it looks cool. Did it look cool again, but I just kind of wasn’t blinded for that moment.


So now I’m questioning it, so there’s given take there, but the point is when it’s SAM rainy horror tone, it was awesome. I like that more than the concept of going through the multiverse. I just anytime it was samurai my horror tone was like this is bad as and kind of in line with that. You know what I like most about this movie and I mean. The carnage that’s right new M C A movie what did I like most was the blood.

The suit, I mean, it, you can have a horror tone without blood. You can have blood without hearts. I am it’s not super bloody. I’m just saying more people died horribly in this movie than I expected to die so horribly in an M C U movie. And you know. You feel like SAM Raymond has been waiting for it probably out there, like when I took on spiderman.

They said the world wasn’t ready for this in a family-friendly PG 13 superhero movie, but. The time is now what can I say, I like myself. Some fun, unexpected carnage candy and I’m not so I don’t want to Dover hike. But I don’t want to oversell it, but I’m just saying in Dr strange in the multiverse of madness.

Tasted pretty good. You know who I loved in this movie Elizabeth Olsen as won a maximum. Yeah, I thought she was excellent in this movie, granted, she has a lot of emotional setups and that emotional setup from other M C U things feeds into the emotional moments in here, and I thought she had a great emotional arc.

I didn’t cry, but it kind of got the knock and throw going. You know how it is. But I didn’t cry. Sure, I thought you were great. Also the musical score, Danny Elfman doesn’t musical score stand out moments for the musical score as well.

If you watch a movie, I’ve seen this in the M C U more than a few times where you watch a movie like a movie is great. Your friend could be like, yeah, what was your favorite part of the musical score you’ll. I don’t know. But for nothing else, there’s a thing that’s just creatively interesting that has to do with music.


In the end, Dr strange in the multiverse of madness was a bonkers bet, shit crazy multiverse, good time. But doesn’t always stick to landing on things or some moments where you’re like, yeah. I just gonna aimlessly go in places, aren’t you, and it doesn’t really pay off. But it looks cool and you’re just open to the audience. That’s enough for the audience. They won’t question it right, and sometimes. Yeah, they get away with that, but when I left the movie, I was like I enjoyed that could have also been shorter.


There are a couple of cheese dialogue moments, not necessarily just I can’t limit it to the script because it sounded like there were a couple of moments where someone’s trying to sound very vitamin. But it came across as cheesy. I could totally see it samurai me just doing that like, yeah, cheese is fun. Right, it’s not everywhere in the movie. So I’m not saying the whole movie like that this moment that it does.

It’s the best job, but for the most part, I had a really good time with this movie, and when SAM Rami injects that, SAM Rami horror flavor into the M C U, that’s when I felt this movie was in top shape. I don’t care. It doesn’t fit with the rest of the MC U. Don’t care.


I thought that’s when it was at its best, and I love the fact that as I’m talking about it, this is like the first M C U movie, I can think of where I’m like. Well, I know your kids grew up with the MC U I mean, or are growing up with the MC U not to say your kids are all grown up, and that’s where this conversation comes into play.

If you have really young kids who like some of the nice, lighter movies of the M C U, there’s some imagery in here. It looks great, but also might terrify the fuck out of them and give him nightmares. You know your kids, you do you. Your parents tell you, parents, I’m just saying I’m here to inform me.

I thought this movie was a great time, no alcohol was required. And again, as I tried to keep this post vague in the next couple of days, I’ll release the spoiler talk post where I get into the spoiler-ish elements of doctor strange in the multiverse of madness by the doctor, Strange in the multiverse of madness, have you seen it.

Whatever you thought comment below, let me know, and as always. You could like what you’ve seen here and if you want to see more, click right here to say more.

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