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1 diamond south India’s largest lab-grown diamond brand, sows a Chennai coin matured in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Hello and welcome to Galata plus in this episode, we’re going to be talking about procedural strategies, moving and very lyrical those strategies. Now the title of this Bengali drama is an affectionate term for a friend and the film revolves around Palais and Shakespeare and Ariff shake are the two boys who play these people.

They are best friends and neighbors. The first time we see these eight-year-old boys, they are in one of the cinematographers to hindsight extraordinary white shots there by the river, the scheming stones and getting drenched in a downpour palace and trafficking are seen in many such frames and they seem one with nature with hardly anyone else around these children may come from impoverished backgrounds. Like many people in their village on the border of India and Bangladesh, they are in paradise in a wonderful world filled with rivers and giant trees and bird sounds and caterpillars. But when they come home.

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The real world intrudes their houses are separated by a makeshift wall and the family seems to exist in some kind of uneasy harmony. Now all this is a few months after the demolition of the Barbary musket and the Bombay blast Polish. His father is a Brahmin priest who is puzzled by the sudden ascent of Lord ram, who has never been much of an object of devotion among Bengali Hindus, unlike the Hindus of the rest of north India shuffle. Cole’s father is a Muslim Weaver the boys take tuition together. But while they go back and forth between each other’s homes.

Their parents don’t seem to interact all that much. They don’t seem to socialize at all and more undress on the way in this Muslim-majority village there are plans to build a chota Barbary mustard. The Hindus meanwhile plan to bring a folk theatre group to stage the Ramada and there’s a lovely scene where the boys go backstage to see ram and raven having a smoke, the actors tell them that they are only acting as enemies to earn a living otherwise they. Friends to the wide-eyed boys.

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They are both best friends. They are both neighbors. They are unaffected by the communal tensions that have kept rising after the formation of the Muslim League and the divided rule policy of the British all these decades later, it’s crushing to see that so little has changed. So that’s it about that surgery if you like this, should we do a search for a lot of pluses and see you soon at the movies? 1 diamond south India’s largest lag-grown diamond brands stores at Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, and height.

This is a revelation and to the adults who watched this does not come across as a lecturer of a message. The scene gently underlines how communal tensions may force people to act a certain way. Even if their hearts tell them otherwise. Even the film’s timeline is established so casually through the news heard on the radio.

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The first headline is about an explosion in tamandu the second is about the Barbie Masjid inquiry commission. The third headline is about fourth headline is about stock markets after the Bombay blasts the iota event is no longer the central topic of conversation. But it is still hovering around there even as other news items have come to the fore, the refusal to make an event out of any occurrence results in one minor issue at 2 hours.

That surgery seems to go on for too long, but then the lyrical, satirical, satirical feel of the film made me check out the running time, of which is one of my favorite films and a film that I have seen many, many times. And I found that that film runs for about 2 hours too. So perhaps the issue that I just mentioned is more due to my decreasing attention span than anything to do with the film itself by concentrating on the boys rather than the adults. That surgery retains the purity of childhood at 1 point where the friendship stays strong even as the outside world begins to rupture palace and trafficking do fight, but it’s a children’s fight, unlike adults.

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They make up quickly and the reason for the fight does not fester. Eventually, we do witness a tragic separation. But this plot point does not come at the US the way we think it will there is no emotional manipulation and even the shots with theory at characters are staged with the same simplicity and truthfulness as in the rest of the film, the routines of daily life provide a constant contrast to the changes in the fabric of society and the swallows this emphasis on finding the epic in the intimate is the film success. In the end. I wondered how SQL might be made as grown-ups. What will the world be like for those who can be seen as a childhood version of person Shantaram 1941 drama about a Hindu man and a Muslim man?

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