Fake News’ debate simmers in Russia: Facebook, Twitter blocked- Big Breaking News

Fake News’ debate simmers in Russia: Facebook, Twitter blocked- Big Breaking News

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Let’s tell you what’s happening in Russia. The country has blocked social media giants, Facebook and twitter.

Russia has accused Facebook of discrimination against Russian state media outlets. The Kremlin also said that its enemies, such as the US and its European allies.

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Are attempting to sort discord among Russian people by spreading false information Facebook slam Russia for its new move. Nicole, the president of global affairs at Facebook, said that soon millions of ordinary Russians will find themselves cut off from reliable information.


Russia: Facebook, Twitter blocked

Online speech experts and rights advocates have also raised similar consent. this comes at a time when Moscow imposes jail term for those publishing water deans as false information about the invasion.

Russia’s lower house has warned of serious consequences, including imprisonment of up to 15 years. The move is likely to have an impact on the flow of information from Russia.

Moscow also cut the access to several news organizations, including the bbc, radio Free Europe Radio Liberty news executives now say that the new law would hamper independent report.

The British broadcasting company announced that it is halting operations in Russia. This despite the fact that the company has a large bureau in Moscow and a Russian language news website, Bloomberg News suspended operations.


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C N N also stopped broadcasting in the country. this after western governments and tech platforms ban the Russian news network R T.

So does the latest move to block Facebook and twitter mark the beginning of the end of flow of information to and from Russia.

Meta, the parent company, had about 7.5 million Facebook users in Russia as of last year, more than 122 million Russians were using other services. Including instagram, whatsapp and messenger.

Tech giants from all across the world have been facing pressure to respond to the invasion of signal of support for Ukraine.

Russia says the foreign media highlights the Ukrainian propaganda and office partial and anti Russian use all of this while failing to hold their own leaders accountable for corruption. Western leaders, including the Uk Prime minister Boris Johnson, have long raised concerns about the domination of state media in Russia.

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