Hong Kong Rising deaths amid deadly Omicron Surge

Hong Kong where a new wave of covid is ripping through the city, there’s been a deadly Omicron search and a rising number of covid related deaths. It’s feared that Hong Kong could run out of coffins within days in under three months,

Hong Kong’s recorded nearly a million infections and more than 4600 deaths. The bulk of them is in these cities. Unvaccinated elderly population researchers estimate the infection toll is significantly higher than official figures and is probably up to half of its 7.4 million population

covid victims have had at times to be placed in refrigerated shipping containers. The president of the funeral business association says the remaining 300 coffins will be used up in days.

Hong Kong’s leader Carrie lam has acknowledged the supply issues and says two more shipments of coffins will arrive. From the mainland soon, she also says she’ll order a review of the city’s covid 19 measures early next. in February.

l am announced a citywide compulsory mass testing exercise slated for March. Lam is expected to announce early next week whether the controversial universal mass testing scheme will proceed.

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The time has come for the government to have a midterm. Review of all those measures announced in the Toronto 22nd of April ranging from border controls such as flight bands to quarantine period for arrivals to whether we are going to do this compulsory universal test and the resumption of face-to-face learning in schools and social distance and mashes.


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