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Mistletoe mix up Cast

mistletoe mix-up movie is the new romantic comedy that’s available on Amazon Prime, starring Matthew Lawrence, Andrew Lawrence, and Joey Lawrence.

Mistletoe mix up Story

This is all about two brothers. Horrifying for holly. He was a young workaholic with a no no zero time zero time for romance or the holidays, she ends up meeting 2 great guys and. On the same day, but we know to her, they turned out to be brothers while on a holiday ski trip, a sibling rivalry ensues for her affection.

Will she find drew love this Christmas or spend another holiday alone, I am a massive, massive fan of Matthew Lawrence. Do I really need to say why, like do I do? I really need to say why one of the greatest shows of all time. I love seeing him and stuff, and I cannot wait to watch his film Santa’s junior year.

Mistletoe mix up Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence. Is an actor who does not age. I just talked about him a little bit in hot in Santa Fe with Mario Lopez. This also stars Danielle. Daniel sorry, Daniel Ryan as holly. We’re going to talk about her from it. this is an actress. that I have seen before, I have seen her before.

Mistletoe mix up Movie Download

Namely, in little secrets, little secrets as a film that I was. Astounded that I had never seen it because I had seen the trailer multiple multiple times because I watched it a little many times over. when I was little, that further was always on there, she was in that I saw her and that she’s also. love lost and found with Trevor Donovan I talk about. That’s it.

mistletoe mix-up movie

The movie is very confusing. It is directed by Andrew Lawrence.

I talked about it. That’s the nicest thing I could possibly say about that film finding 11 mountain View is a hallmark film that I did a review earlier this year. I reviewed it. She was also in a Christmas wish. Which is a film that airs on the Hallmark Channel.


Very, very good film. If you have not seen that one. Starting Christy Swanson in the lead role. This is her first film that I’ve seen her in the main role that I’ve liked. What makes this movie work for me. Is. The dynamic the chemistry between Matthew Lawrence. And Danielle Ryan she has 0 chemistry with joey.

mistletoe mix-up movie

But what bugs the film down. Is the ending. everything’s happy, everybody is in a relationship now, and that kind of throws the whole movie out the window because, yeah, you’re rooting or. Somebody get this girl, you’re kind of forced to pick a side, and I went with Matthew Lawrence because I am a bombings world fan, so I think it’s about by law to me, Scotty, am I right that you have to root for him.


And you have to root for anybody who is in Bournemouth world when they are in anything else, I’m kidding. maybe this film bogs itself down with its ending. This ending. Where everybody’s happy. You kind of just throw everything away because she picks one guy. The other guy is with somebody else. And they’re perfectly happy and they are actually like nothing ever happened. I was interested in you. What are you talking about? The movie is very confusing. It is directed by Andrew Lawrence.


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As I went through Lawrence. The last film he. Was money plane. With edge and Copeland. Denise Richards. And Kelsey’s grammar. I thought that was a fine film. I believe he was also in it as well. He also did a film in 2020, also starring his brothers called the office mix-up, which I will be watching at some point next year. This is probably going to be the same exact story like this one.

mistletoe mix-up movie

I know nothing about that, so i’m going to not even look at the plot for this one. This film kind of disappointed me a little bit because this film could have worked a lot better if they just went with the. Point of building a note of their relationship with somebody else. But you’re kind of rooting for both of them. There’s a bunch of shot shot, child’s gimmicks that go on like brotherly fighting that goes on between these two brothers to fight for her affection, and she is. interested in it.


She just wants to be there, do her job and try and have a nice Christmas. while trying not to find love, but she’s also interested in both guys, so it’s just a film that is a big mess. I’m going to give a mistletoe mix up A C plus. It was a fine film, but I was rooting for Matthew Lawrence over Jerry Lawrence. Not spoiling who gets the girl, but one of them does. One of them doesn’t, and the other one ends up with somebody else almost completely out of nowhere with 0 chemistry with that person.


But there’s a review of mistletoe mix-up. My rating is a letterbox. You see my grade right here. Well, you heard my grade right here. Next up, we’re going to be talking about a Christmas proposal.


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