Rahane and Pujara dropped from India test squad


Rahane and Pujara dropped from India test squad


Rahane and Pujara dropped from India test squad
pujara and rahane

My simple first reaction is said if it was done a year and a half ago when India was still at the top, winning everything, I would have probably backed that decision, but you know, at this stage. After losing first series that they’ve lost that is unfair because uh, you know, then you are looking at these two and singling out, and if that’s not the way to build science for me a year and a half ago I would probably back that decision India’s looking forward because this team is not does not belong to an individual. It’s not about individuals, uh whatever best possible and the way you want to play when we are fully wanted to play that aggressive cricket, you didn’t allow that to happen once.


Rahane and Pujara

He’s also gone, and teams lost, now changing them. They’ve done enough. I mean, I mean, I mean, is done well enough. You’ve carried on. Now when the home series come, you’ve ah, you know, said goodbye to them. I don’t know whether it’s a permanent goodbye or not, but generally when a series happens in India, no batsmen failed.

I can’t remember a series. Many batsmen have come back after an Indian seas comebacks may happen happen when you go to overseas stores. So it’s almost the end for both of them. I feel sad about it that it’s happened at the back of losing a series because then what it tells me still rejections. And it’s still not selection. Of course, the message from the selection committee is that it this is selection only for the series, and of course, they continue to play in the running trophy decay, but yes, for for two stalwart like Rahane.

you almost want anyone in any format to leave at the right time, perhaps even on their own term. I think that’s a hard one isn’t an Indian clinic, not that you’re writing. It’s a hard one in Indian cricket. I don’t think. Over a period of time, many people have had the opportunity to say goodbye the way they wanted.

It’s always been in our sad story, and that’s how it is going to be there there. There is a general for the moment. At least for the series, it will be somebody else later. And that’s how it’s always going to roll. But look, I think again, they have a new. there’s just one test series after this. And after that, there’s a long break as well. I think till the end of the year, there’s just one test series. I think a couple of matches of three matches at top. They play the one off against England.

Rahane and Pujara NO more in future skim of think

So there’s not many test matches, so it’s gonna be very interesting to see how it’s gonna pan out after the after the end of the year because they aren’t playing any test trick, you know they’re playing the one test, and there’s world cup. And then there’s a couple of home cities where they’re focusing completely on T.

Time is running out to put it in so many worlds. Yeah, and for the honey, maybe he also has the option of showing his ways in perhaps the shorter format of the game for pujara, we’re not going to exactly see him score 500 runs in the ipl. Which is not going to do, but someone like becomes even tougher as a single. No, absolutely, I mean, I mean, I think it’s also been a single format for India at the moment. So when you leave them out of that one format, I don’t see them coming back. I mean, I hope i’m wrong because you know these are forwards. I mean, they’ve played 90 test matches and not just them, there’s one more we’ll talk about him probably later is handsome. Ah, so but for both of them. I don’t see you know them coming back because one there is enough talent that’s around.

You know, the next generation that’s come and push them uh. There is enough talent, and they’ve not, I mean, to be fair it’s not that they’ve had best seasons, and they’ve done exceptionally well but this can happen to you know. All players, so as a team as a unit, i’m i’m the disappointing part. Is that because they lost in South Africa you lost the captain, now you lost two more players and maybe one more with them, that is the set part because one loss after 3, 4 years should not be making these decisions. If you are building a side of ongoing side, you couldn’t make this decision one year ago, 6 months ago even before going to England or before going to you know Australia we had a great talk but i’m saying.

you could have made that decision there and still there were players who could have replaced because they’ll always be players to replace. There is no player I feel who can never be left out. Yes, there can be, but when you build inside, there’s a moment come going with what’s happening.

When you lose is the time where you know you want to see your same mates around because I know this is Sri Lankan series that’s coming up, maybe not so tough, but when it’s tough times and you see left and right and say. Oh last tough times, you know what happened that fellow disappeared this fellow disappeared, that puts in a different fear into people’s mindset. And that is why i’m sad not for two individuals being left out because it’s an Indian team. You want your best place to play people who are informed. And these two definitely have.

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